Frost heater

Sign In. Password forgotten? Click here. Manual or automatic. The difference between A4 models has to do with the battery cover design. Early A4 models use a two-piece top cover, with the sites and top of the battery being covered by separate pieces. This fits the two-piece design.

frost heater

The FrostHeater connects to the vehicle's coolant system, heating the coolant and the engine block. Pre-warmed engines start faster and give cabin heat much more quickly.

Plug in the FrostHeater a few hours before you leave for a better start and quicker heat. Plug in for 4 hours and enjoy a fully warmed engine and instant heat in the cabin. Even better, use a heavy duty timer that turns on the FrostHeater for you. Is it: Actually In Stock? Many online stores do not stock parts and advertise products that they do not actually have. The Same Brand? Lesser expensive brands may be lower quality. The Same Contents? Kits sold by some stores are often missing crucial components.

frost heater

If you find an in-stock product made by the same manufacturer, or a kit with the same contents, at a lower price, we'd like to hear from you. Shop for My Vehicle. Add a vehicle to your garage. Returning Customers Welcome back, please login.

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Perfect for protecting your Frostheater or block heater plug from road salt and debris Concentrated - must be Vehicle Applications Manufacturer Data. With expertise in TDI engines, FrostHeater has established an outstanding reputation for high quality products and top-notch service. With 27 Custom kits covering to diesels, FrostHeater has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America.This tubular gasket effectively seals gaps around windows and doors while it cushions.

Top-quality weatherseal fills gaps tightly enough to act as a smoke seal. Has built-in memory and is guaranteed not to harden, crack or freeze for 10 years. Rubber Tubular Pipe Insulation - should slipped onto water pipes before installation.

Help prevent roof damage by keeping melt water flowing through gutters and downspouts. You can make a heat cable the exact length you need using the foot reel and the fused plug kit. A rigid vinyl strip with a flexible vinyl seal GaraSeal is made for use on the tops and sides of garage doors.

A rigid vinyl strip with a flexible seal, GaraBottom seals gaps between garage doors and the ground. Made of heavy gauge plastic, elasticized to fit securely on all standard window units.

A plastic liner stops drafts while a machine-washable fabric cover adds a decorative look. Heavy-duty closed cell sponge rubber will block leaks and allow your window air conditioner to operate more efficiently. These 7-bushel-capacity Heavy Duty Contractor Bags will stand up to rugged use day in and day out. For maximum economy, Frost King offers and foot rolls of polyethylene sheeting in a range of widths and thicknesses. Plastic Sheeting has dozens of uses around the home, garden and garage.

Designed to fasten and finish the edge of cloth or jute-backed carpet. Weatherstripping View all Products.


Window Kits View all Products. Pipe and Duct Insulation View all Products. Garage Accessories View all Products. Air Conditioner Accessories View all Products. Gutter Accessories View all Products. Window Screens and Accessories View all Products. Door Sets View all Products. Carpet Trim View all Products. Paint Sundries View all Products.Home of the world famous Frostbuster! More About Frostbusters. Frostbuster Features.

Name brand, quality components. The best parts make the best products! User friendly controls and gauges. Operating is a snap! Three models to choose from. Exclusive lever control and electric reel. Makes rolling up the thermal hose a snap! Awesome Accessories Available. Optional equipment include a Remote Reel and a Frac Tank heater. Rugged, fuel oil fired, Slant Fin boilers. Designed for years of trouble free service. We build Custom Units to order!

Call or Email today. Frostbuster Facts. Fact 1 The Frostbuster can thaw up to one foot of frost per day or cure up to 12, square feet, allowing you to keep your concrete and construction crews on schedule and onsite year-round. Fact 2 The hydronic hose system heats the soil, not the air, allowing for more efficient use of fuel. Users report thawing two feet of frost in a 6, square foot area with only gallons of fuel oil in just 48 hours.

Fact 3 The Frostbuster has been designed for contractor and rental businesses. To see more information on our Frostbusters, click the button below! More Information.Terry, I bought one of your tank heater [FrostHeater], and installed it the next day. It took me about 2 Hrs, but the directions were very clear and it does look like factory installed.

I will have to give you a big 10 for the rating of product and clear directions with color pictures. It seems to me that you are making a lot of TDI people happy including me. Keep up the good work Terry. Terry, This email is well overdue. Such a tidy package! Just wanted to let you know that I received my heater last week and had it installed over the weekend.

It is fantastic! It wasn't that cold overnight but I had my car plugged in anyway just to try out the heater. The engine was all the way warm when I started it this morning! I'm so happy with it. Thanks for the great product! What I am trying to say is that even though it was a bear, your Custom kit made it a dream compared to what it would have been Had I tried this on my own.

I leave it plugged in at work all day so it is up to temp when I leave work for home.

Frostbuster Features

The electric used is paid for in the savings of diesel each month. I love it. The heater arrived in the mail today. I can't wait to get time to install it.

The only tricky part was removing the factory spring clamp from the fitting at the oil filter. Just a note to let you know I completed the installation of your heater on my wife's Jetta this evening. I probably spent about three hours tinkering, beginning to end.

I didn't remove the plastic belly pan, so the lower oil cooler hose clamp was difficult to remove. I am very impressed with the way you located and selected the heater and hoses to fit in a very small space. I think your kit is the way to go. Furthermore, you did a great job writing and illustrating the instructions.

I will recommend your kit to others. The candy was a nice gesture. My wife will enjoy a warm car in the morning. I just wanted to get back with you concerning your TDIHeater. You definitely add value over putting all the parts together myself.

After a couple of months procrastination, today was perfect for working on the car, so I read through the instructions and launched in. While actual preparation and installation was straight forward, working in the dense environment under the hood proved frustrating and time consuming. Maneuvering the unit up into position was quite a challenge, and just about everything was just past my reach or blocked by something. But with determination I finally got it all plumbed in and buttoned up.

The instructions were thorough, but I have one criticism. Some of the pics lacked a frame of reference and were difficult to figure out. Once I found the areas it all made sense, but after many years doing my own maintenance, it was a little dismaying to not immediately recognize a shot.Stainless steel sheathed element s with aluminum fins are corrosion resistant Powder-coated steel corrosion-resistant housing Built-in adjustable dial thermostat control for freeze protection Safety cut-out makes this unit crawlspace compatible Hardwired with 6" leads for field wiring Proudly made in the USA 2-year warranty UL listed.

Need help choosing the right product for your room?

frost heater

The heater will not operate if set to the smallest dot on the dial. A wall thermostat may not be used. These models work best at elevations under 10, feet. Do not block the inlet vents on the bottom surface. There must be a minimum of 3 inches 7. The sides of the heater may rest directly against adjacent surfaces. Reconditioned Heaters. New Heaters. Frost Protection Heater The Cadet Frost Protection heater is designed to keep pipes from freezing in low-clearance locations including crawl spaces and pump houses.

A large wiring compartment and built-in thermostat, makes installations simple and quick. Specification Downloads Reviews Accessories. Technical Information Do not block the inlet vents on the bottom surface. Your Name. Available Models.Some irregular shaped or oversized items may include a special handling charge. The charge will show on the product detail page of applicable products.

Offer subject to change without notice. In stock expedited shipments will ship the same day, or the next business day for orders placed on a weekend, if the order is placed before 12 PM Central Time. Non-expedited orders are processed for shipment within two business days of payment verification, excluding holidays. You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail once your order has shipped. The e-mail will provide your tracking number and link to the shipping carriers tracking page.

About Frost Fighter Keep your jobsite warm and comfortable with a reliable portable heating system. Frost Fighter is a leading brand that makes the best heating systems for a variety of use.

From commercial construction projects to residential repairs, Frost Fighter has all the heating equipment you need.

Troubleshooting Frost-Free Refrigerators

Protect your appliances, building materials and promote personal safety by retaining a consistent, warm temperature. Cold temperatures can affect construction, mining, equipment, concrete, livestock and paint.

frost heater

Find out how your Frost Fighter system can avoid frost and cool breezes. From the frozen tundra to a chilly afternoon in the tropics, Frost Fighter systems offer dependable heating all year round. Depending on the size and special features you choose in your Frost Fighter system, you can enjoy extreme circulation of dry heat.

Select a heater with high static pressure, a cooling, protective jacket and low noise levels. Heaters with a low dB level are more convenient to work around, particularly in indoor applications. A multi-pass heat exchanger provides energy-efficient heating for a long day of work. Choose a heater that uses the best fuel source for your particular project. Propane is a popular heating option and is widely available for any jobsite. A more cost-effective option is natural gas, which offers reliable heat.

Kerosene or fuel oil is a pure heating method that is capable of high BTUs. The best accessories offer added convenience and performance. Select a remote thermostat with 25 ft cord to adjust the temperature of your Frost Fighter from a comfortable distance.

This durable cord and dependable thermostat control allows you to adjust the temperature between 35 and degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the best accessories also boost the power and efficiency of your portable heater. Pick up an additional regulator to improve the functionality of your Frost Fighter. You can also find affordable replacement parts to restore your heater and keep the job moving forward.

Frost Fighter

Shop at Acme Tools for your favorite portable heating systems. Pick up the best Frost Fighter accessories and compare heaters to find the professional solution for your jobsite. Product Comparison. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4.Accessories: scroll down to see all available. A Plug-N-Play covered plug with an integrated extension cable Choose inch Single Cord, or inch Dual Cord with full-sized AC prongs that offers optimal flexibility and ease of installation.

TDi buyers guide used diesel checklist.

It mounts to the exterior of any vehicle to make the plug more accessible. It requires zero cable modifications or hard wiring.

Its sleek, ultra low-profile design works seamlessly on any application and includes a snap-fit cap for a watertight seal. Perfect for engine block heaters, battery chargers, oil pan heaters, and much more - it has endless possibilities. Rated for use at 15 amperes, volts, UL certified and fits into any standard 2-inch hole size that you drill.

Rated for use at 15 amperes, volts, UL certified for U. This device is nice for the changing seasons Fall time and Spring time, or if you live in a milder climate where outside temperatures fluctuate, you don't have to worry about remembering to unplug your FrostHeater when it gets Warm outside, or when it turns Cold outside remembering to plug your FrostHeater back in again.

You just leave it plugged in and let the outlet turn it On and Off. Remember, you can leave your FrosrHeater plugged in indefinately without issue, even in the middle of Summer, so this device is to save electricity. Tethered Cap which fits over the prongs on the plug-end of the cord Highly Recommended to protect the prongs from the elements - Helps prevent moisture and keeps ice out.

Creates a nice 'Finished Look' to your installation and provides a glove loop for easy cord removal from the lower grill. Photo Here. Our 'Heated Seat Cushion' is a great addition for TDIs that weren't equipped with the cold weather package and heated seats. This quality heated seat cushion fastens securly to the seat with straps and hooks.

Heavy Duty Timer - Timers are optional to save energy but not required for operation, for the heater can be left plugged in indefinitely without problem. Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer - Protected from the elements for outside outlets. Timers are optional to save energy but not required for operation, for the heater can be left plugged in indefinitely without problem.

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