Food pyramid lesson plans kindergarten

food pyramid lesson plans kindergarten

By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Materials Needed. Create a bulletin board by cutting a large triangle from mural paper or cardboard. Divide the triangle into sections like those on the USDAs food pyramid for kids.

Discuss with students the food pyramid and explain what it means. Invite students to bring to school pictures of food cut from magazines and newspaper circulars. One at a time, allow each student to choose one picture to attach to the bulletin board. Discuss as a class where on the pyramid each picture should go.

If possible, help students understand whether the picture should go at the wide bottom of the pyramid Eat a lot! When every student has had a turn to attach one picture, tell students they may attach the rest of their pictures during free time or after completing their morning seatwork. Ask students to write down on a piece of paper the number of servings of each food group they think they eat each day. Have them put those papers in a safe place or, if your students are very young, collect their papers.

They dont need to share them. Then distribute to each student a printed copy of the Education World Food Group Journal teaching master.

Invite students to track for five days the number of servings they eat from each food group each day. At the end of five days, students can compare their initial estimates with the actual number of servings they eat.

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Food Groups Preschool Activity Pack

Newsletter Sign Up. Search form Search. Objectives Students will explore the food groups on the USDAs food pyramid; learn about which foods belong to each food group; fill out a table to track the number of servings of each food group they eat each day.Divide the plate into four triangular segments. Glue one easily recognizable food on each triangle, such as a loaf of bread, an apple, or a carrot.

Next, draw a blank version of the food plate on a piece of paper with a smaller circle representing dairy on the upper right. Fill up as much of the paper as possible. Make enough copies of the drawing so that each child can have one. Hold up an apple and a lollipop, and ask your preschoolers to compare the two of them both are sweet, different colors, the apple is juicier, the apple is healthier. Make sure they comment on the fact that the apple is healthier than the lollipop, and ask them to explain why.

Begin this lesson plan by introducing the bulletin board display. Explain that it is important for us to eat many different types of foods to stay healthy. Some foods keep our muscles strong, some foods are good for our teeth or eyes, and some foods are important to keep our bones healthy.

Show them the examples glued to each part of the plate and discuss what makes each food group unique. Then, ask them to list other foods that they think would go in each group. Go through each food group, discussing how they can make sure to keep themselves healthy by eating that food group. For example, you might talk about how whole grains are healthier than white grains, orange and green vegetables are an important part of your diet, fruits are a healthier choice than fruit juices, skim milk is healthier than whole, and meat or poultry is healthier when you cut off the fat.

Also discuss sugars like the lollipop and fats and ask them where they fit on the plate? This introduces the topic of moderation. Give out food circulars to each student, and hand out one copy of the blank food plate to each student. Encourage children to cut out foods and glue them to the correct section of the plate. At lunch time or snack time, make sure to discuss with your preschoolers which food groups they are eating and how they would or would not fit on their plate.

The objective of this lesson plan is to help your students apply what they have learned to their own lives, and keep them cognizant of the importance of a varied diet. Bright Hub Education. Skip to content. Instruction Hold up an apple and a lollipop, and ask your preschoolers to compare the two of them both are sweet, different colors, the apple is juicier, the apple is healthier.

Discussion Go through each food group, discussing how they can make sure to keep themselves healthy by eating that food group. Activity Give out food circulars to each student, and hand out one copy of the blank food plate to each student. Discussion At lunch time or snack time, make sure to discuss with your preschoolers which food groups they are eating and how they would or would not fit on their plate.

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food pyramid lesson plans kindergarten

Rationale: The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the six food groups of the food pyramid. The six food groups will be discussed so the students are aware of what foods are healthy and unhealthy. Show the students a candy bar and an apple. Ask the students, which they think, is better and healthier for their bodies. Ask the students if they ever think about what they are putting in their bodies before they eat something.

Explain that in order to be healthy children should be eating more of certain foods and less of others. Ask the students if they know any of the six food groups.

List them on the board. Ask the students if they know what the food pyramid is and write it on the board. Provide examples of each food group by using pictures. Display the food pyramid picture.

Explain to the students the purpose of the food pyramid and tell them how many servings of each food should be eaten a day. Food pyramid - a general guide that lets you choose a healthy diet that is right for you.

Breads - servings Provide complex carbohydrates and important source of energy. They also provide B vitamins, minerals and fiber. Meats - servings Animal foods are excellent sources of protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, as are in beans, nuts and seeds.

Milk - servings richest sources of calcium. They also provide protein and vitamin B Fruits - servings Rich source of vitamins, mostly vitamin C. They are low in fat and calories. Vegetables - servings provide vitamins especially A and Cexcellent sources of fiber and are naturally low in fat. Fats - use sparingly These foods provide calories, but little else nutritionally.

Tell the students each of these food groups provide some but not all, of the nutrients you need. Foods in one group can't replace those in another. No on food group is more important that another. For good health, you need them all.Looking for food group worksheets and food pyramid lesson plans?

Then this activity pack has you covered. There is also a cut and glue food pyramid activity too! Being the naturally teaching mama that I am I wanted to work on a few more skills like patterning, art activities, number recognition and letter recognition. Please note that affiliate links may be used in this post. I order all of our materials using our Amazon Prime Account. You can even discuss serving sizes for each group depending on the age of the child. If you do not have Do A Dot Art Markers then you can have your child stamp the correct letter using their stamped finger or they can color it.

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Super simple activity alert and one I throw into o.Preinstructional Planning. During Instruction. Post Instructional. Identify that healthy behaviors affect personal health. Identify how the family influences personal health practices and behaviors.

Identify situations when a health-related decision is needed. Identify a short-term personal health goal and take action toward achieving the goal. Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.

Demonstrate behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks. Students will:. It is important that the children engage in the activity. It is fun and allows for deeper group discussions. Introduce young students to the food pyramid, the food groups, and the relationship between nutrition and a healthy body. Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List. Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list. Save Back.

food pyramid lesson plans kindergarten

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food pyramid lesson plans kindergarten

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Preschool Lesson Plan on the Food Plate (Replacing the Food Pyramid)

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Let's Make a Food Pyramid

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